911 Safe ChildTM - Subscription Purchase Now - $24.95/Year!

911 Safe ChildTM software is sold as an annual subscription.  Parents are strongly encouraged to update the child's record whenever changes occur or whenever new pictures are available.  As your child switches school, graduates from middle school to high school, or enrolls in new afterschool activities, goes to college, be sure to update your child's record immediately. 

911 Safe ChildTM Software is designed to create an ongoing record of the child's activities in the event that the child should disappear, get abducted or run away.

An annual subscription to  911 Safe ChildTM Software is affordable for every individual.  Every family needs to maintain and update a child safety record  through 911 Safe ChildTM.

Subscriptions will be processed by LifeSaver Group LLC and appear on your credit card with that name.


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