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LifeSaver AppTM - LifeSaver AppTM is an online emergency medical record available for emergency room doctors and EMTs. Containing information about medications, allergies, diagnosed medical conditions, emergency contacts, special needs and insurance coverage, LifeSaver AppTM  provides all the information necessary to treat a person during a medical emergency.

Care Notes OnlineTM - Care Notes OnlineTM bridges the communication gap between persons/agencies providing in-home care and family members were separated geographically from their loved ones. By accessing an online report, family members can gain immediate access to the facets of care being provided to their loved one.

911 Disaster PlanTM - 911 Disaster PlanTM identifies the vulnerable citizens within the community and tracks their evacuation in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  911 Disaster PlanTM is used for communitywide disaster planning and serves as a command operational software in the event of a real time, disaster.

Lifesaver GroupTM - Lifesaver GroupTM describes the products available designed to save lives through emergency preparedness.  An online emergency medical record is available through LifeSaver AppTM . In the event of a medical crisis or medical emergency, emergency responders can download an immediate report including medications, allergies, diagnosed, medical conditions, emergency contacts and insurance information.  LifeSaver AppTM is part of the Lifesaver Group's suite of products.  These products include: Safe Child OnlineTM, Care Notes OnlineTM and 911 Disaster PlanTM.

ClinicPro Medical Software - ClinicPro Medical Software provides a complete solution for practice management and electronic health records for medical and chiropractic offices. ClinicPro includes a robust appointment scheduler, free electronic claims submission, a myriad of management reports and integrated EHR.  Call 928-554-1168 for details.

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