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December 2016 - When I was a child, I remember looking at milk cartons and seeing the faces of missing children. That was many years ago! Now, you can go in Walmart and see a bulletin board full of missing children. They even have QR codes so that you could download the information to your phone.  I tried the QR codes and they didn't work! I knew that we could do it better. I knew that we could create a program that featured child safety and issued an immediate missing child report in the event of a kidnapping, abduction, runaway or just plain wandering in a mall. 911SafeChildTM is that program.  We want to keep your family safe!
Marilyn Gard, Pres., CEO

911SafeChildTM is part of the LifeSaverGroupTM of products that are designed to protect health and safety of individuals and families.  911SafeChildTMgathers and organizes data about children so that an immediate Amber Alert can be issued when a child is missing.

Management: LifeSaverGroupTM's Founder and CEO is Marilyn Gard who has owned / managed a medical consulting and software company for over 30 years.  Marilyn is based in Sedona, Arizona where she also provides strategic vision and guidance to the company on becoming the healthcare records bridge.
TM's Chief Operating Officer is David Hickey, who has over 20 year's global C-level executive experience; managing start-up to large companies with operations in over 17 countries.
TM's Vice President Sales & Marketing is Jim Howell, who has over 19 years marketing experience with a Fortune 200 company and is responsible for the start-up and growth of two successful national service companies.

Mission:   LifeSaverGroupTM''s Mission is to become the premier provider of Managed Health Records, assisting individuals in tracking and managing their personal health history, while bridging the gap for better healthcare.  The LLifeSaverGroupTM suite of products includes CareNotesOnlineTM which provides daily care notes prepared by home healthcare agencies and nursing homes to communicate the health care being provided to loved ones when their families  are separated geographically. 911DisasterPlanTM identifies vulnerable citizens within a community and organizes/tracks evacuations in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. 911SafeChildTMgathers and organizes data about children so that an immediate Amber Alert can be issued when a child is missing.

Company: LifesaverGroup LLC is a Sedona, AZ and Louisville, KY based health and safety company that assembles, organizes and archives medical records and other important personal information for its clients. LifeSaver
AppTM stores your critical medical information on a secure website, immediately available 24/7 through your personalized Emergency Medical Identification Card. LifeSaverAppTM is the only supplier of Personal Health Records that offers multiple redundancies of computerized records; accessible by web, mobile devices and pictured ID card. We are "Dedicated to Saving Lives and Time."  We protect your health and safety -- that is our mission.

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