Question: I am very concerned about putting my child's information online. How can I be sure that it is protected?

911 Safe ChildTM is very concerned about online safety also. When you purchase 911 SafeChild, you are directed to a secure website to input the information. Once you hit save, the information is 256 bit encrypted, twice the standard for HIPAA compliant medical records. We are serious about protecting your information!

Question: my child has autism. How can 911 Safe ChildTM indicate his special needs?

911 Safe ChildTM gives you the opportunity to input medical conditions, medications and allergies. We know that all of this information is critical in the event that your child wanders off or disappears for any reason.

Question:  My child has a number of drug and environmental allergies. Is there anything built into SafeChild to accommodate his situation?

Answer: with 911 Safe ChildTM  you can enter medical conditions such as autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, special needs, etc. as well as allergies and medications. If your child is a juvenile diabetic, that is important information that law enforcement needs to know in the event that your child goes missing or disappears.

Question: when I am done entering information into 911 Safe ChildTM , then what do I do?

Answer: you can print a child safety report that includes the child's hard copy report with QR codes.

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